Training Sessions:

Recommended Training Aircraft

There are A LOT of "Ready To Fly" airplanes on the internet and they all seem to say "for beginners." We want you to succeed, and in intrest of doing so we are limiting our recommendations to planes with the following requirements:

      1. Big enough to take off and land on our grass runway.
      2. Supported by a "big name" company so parts are available when it crashes (every plane crashes eventually)
      3. Made of a durable foam (EPP, EPO, Z-Foam, etc.) Foam is easier to glue back together for minor crashes.
      4. Electric motor. More to learn than fuel, but more reliable once it is set up. Also, our primary instructor Dave flys electric and cannot help with fuel planes.

Given those requirements, Our instructor "Dave" recommends these two planes:

E-flite Apprentice There are LOTS of other fairly decent training planes around but these are known planes that we have first had experience with and parts are available locally.

E-Flite Mini Apprentice A bit smaller than the apprentice which means it is easier to transport, but harder to takeoff on grass. The club field has a 15x300' fabric runway that makes small wheels a non-issue.

HobbyZone AeroScout RTF Another smaller plane, but this one has a pusher prop and big wheels. A few members have this plane and it is getting great reviews.